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(No) Snow Globes!


As the title suggests – making snow globes without the snow.

It was really fun!   We came with a small wide jar, and we stuck a base material like foam on the inside of the lid and then we made a scene.

We used foam, paper and plastic items. The parents used a hot glue gun to stick all the bits and pieces to the base.

Then we filled the jar with water and added a small amount of glitter of a colour we liked (but not too much or it would clump together).

Then when the jar was shaken we saw the glitter all about inside like it was snowing over our scene.

I took part in this Christmas workshop with my brother Joshua at ArtPlay on the 11th December 2010.

Recommended age: 2-8yrs.

Here are some pictures of us at the workshop:

Mine is the Santa ‘skating on thin ice’ – Trouble!

Now some interesting and important facts:

Santa is based on a real historical person – Saint Nicholas – a priest from 280 AD who helped people and gave gifts, especially to the poor.

Santa is fun but the real meaning of Christmas is to do with Jesus – who is the saviour of our world.  You can find out more about this historical person and evidence at: – do check it out!