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Circus Oz – Steam Powered


I went to see this with my mum on the 24th June 2011.

As stated above in my Clown picture this is what I thought of it:

Creative People

Amazing Music – Live Band.

Lots of Laughs – Hilarious

Amazing Stunts

Superb Outfits

Exciting Theme

Also here is my interview with mum:

(What a grown up thought of it)

Q. What was your favourite act?

A. There were 3 main ones: Fantasia Fitness- Very funny. The Hoola Hoop Girl – Collected several hoops in a spooky story theme. The Ring Lady’s finale – in a giant dress with a spectacular finish.

Q. Did you have a favourite star?

A. Fantasia – great acrobat and comedian. In fact the whole cast was hilarious but Fantasia stood out as a really funny character.

Q. What else was great about this particular Circus?

A. The live band and singing – the Ring/Leading lady (boss) had a most amazing voice like an opera singer. A lot of things were done in a very humorous style in an Aussie way. Even some grown up humour thrown in. Sure to please a wide age range and audience.

Here are some pics:

Some of the people from Circus Oz Steam Powered

Fantasia – she was so funny in her Fantasia Fitness Act! Must See! 🙂

You Tube trailer:

Recommended for all ages.

Circus Oz tours around the country – see their web site for more performance dates.