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Chinese Painting Workshop with Gabrielle Wang


I went to this on 22nd January 2012 at ArtPlay. Gabrielle Wang is the award-winning author of the book “The Race for the Chinese Zodiac” and she has studied at the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Art in Hangzhou, China.

In this workshop Gabrielle taught us the four treasures of the painting studio which are: paper, brush, ink stick, and ink stone.

After she showed us the four treasures, she demonstrated how to do the paintings. Firstly she showed us how to do a bamboo type of scenery. We all went to tables to start painting. For the bamboo, we used thick brushes and did one stroke across the page, but making sure to break the stroke into a dotted line. We added stems of the leaves and the leaves themselves.

After we finished the bamboo scenery, we started doing little chickens. It was a little complicated at first, but it got easier once we did it a little more, After that, we combined the two things together. At the end we added our name at the top or bottom of the page with a fine brush. After we had cleaned up all the painting materials, Gabrielle taught us how to draw a Chinese Dragon . It wasn’t too difficult, but it was a little hard .

Here are my paintings:

Recommended age: 9yrs+

Some info on Chinese Paintings:

Chinese painting is an ancient type of painting and tradition. The paintings back then were more like patterns or designs rather than pictures

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