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There’s A Walrus In My Wardrobe


Jackets…pins…buttons…clothes… We had to make animal sculptures from clothes.

I had trouble thinking of an animal to make but I thought that since there were lots of black and white clothes I should make a panda! (Plus, pandas are my favourite animal!)

This is Couch Potat0 Panda!

I enjoyed this workshop very much!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

C.P.P eating pizza

This is proof that C.P.P is a couch potat0!

C.P.Ps TV guide or is it?

Nope, its not a TV guide. Its an info sheet about C.P.P!

Workshop by Craft Victoria, Artist Jemila MacEwan

Recommended age: 9-12yrs.


The Art Of The Brick


The Art Of The Brick

I went with my family to this exhibition of Lego Art on the 24th of September 2011. It was by Nathan Sawaya – former lawyer turned Lego Artist.

We saw some impressive sculptures and portraits made of Lego bricks. Quite a few of these were based on “The Thinker” sculpture originally made by the artist Auguste Rodin – showing a man deep in thought. Other sculptures included fruit, weather, animals and people. One interesting sculpture was of a man falling off the edge of a building.

There was also a fabulous Lego construction of the City of Melbourne done by the Melbourne Lego User Group (MUG) – featuring some well known landmarks.

After we saw the gallery of Nathan’s Lego art we were inspired to do some Lego art ourselves downstairs.

Here are some pics:

Melbourne Lego User Group – City of Melbourne Sculpture

Melbourne Lego User Group – Flinders St Station

My favourite one was this globe.

My brother Josh – as a Lego Ninjago. "Why did you put your hand in there Josh?"^^

Mum's version of "The Thinker". Very colourful!

Dad's version of "The Thinker". He must be working out while thinking – so like Dad!

Mum's Lego Landscape "3 Tree Island".

Joshua's Donut Tower.

This exhibition is touring around the world. You can see more of Nathan’s work at

Caravan Dreaming


I attended this workshop at ArtPlay on 7th August 2011, run by Sue Degennaro. The task was to make our own mini caravan from Balsa wood and match sticks, using the instructions that Sue gave us. It was actually quite a difficult task to complete, as my mum helped me to glue all the parts together to construct the caravan’s structure. You need a fair amount of patience as you have to wait for the glue to set before you can attach other parts to finish it.

After making the caravan, we used recycled material we brought to add on other features along with provided paper patterns to make our caravans unique. The decorating was the most fun part for me! I added a map type paper and a bottle lid. Then we added a varnish to the caravans to make them look a bit more authentic.

Then a group of us went out into the city, getting photos of our caravans in our own chosen locations, that we thought would be a good place to holiday in a caravan. I chose a pretty weird spot, spiral art structure on a building, to place mine in. We then walked all the way up to Craft Victoria – a craft shop where our caravans were to go on display.

Our caravans will be on display at Craft Victoria for a month of nightly exhibition from 31st October to 27th November 2011 – do go check them out!

I recommend this workshop for kids aged 9-13yrs with parental help.

Here are some pictures:

My caravan.

My caravan's holiday spot.

Other caravans.

Me and my caravan.

Also Sue has a blog about this project at – where you can view more caravans made and leave a comment if you like.