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Paint What You Hear


It was an Exhibition on 2nd October 2012
Run by lead artist Erica Rasmussen at ArtPlay.
There was also a band performance.

IT was a simple yet fun exhibition.  All we had to do, is paint along to the music.

Say, if it was sweet, smooth classical music, you paint a stroke something like this:

smooth brush stroke - paint what you hear

Or if it was crazy, full-on heavy metal, you would paint this:

statacato prush movement - paint what you hear

or if it was something in-between, you would paint a brush stroke like so:

inbetween brush stroke - paint what you hear!!!

Here are a few pictures from the paint what you hear exhibition:

Paint What You Hear  Exhibition Painting

A painting from the “Paint What You Hear” Exhibition

IMG_0368 Joshua's

Making our own paintings via ‘’hearing what we paint’’.

IMG_0373 Rock band

The Band

IMG_0375-Joshua and Mum's

Mum and Joshua’s Painting

IMG_0376 Hannah's

Hannah’s “Paint What You Hear” Painting

IMG_0378 Hannah at work

Here I am, Hannah at Work

IMG_0379 Hannah's

Hannah’s finished work “Blobs”.

Argy Barge!!!


We (the other 9-12 YO kids and I at the Argy Barge workshop at the Roola Boola festival) started off with a fresh canvas! No – one had pre – planned our storyline. We  got to make it up ourselves.

We started  off by playing some fun acting  games to help us get used to what we would be doing over the next 4 hours.

After we had finished up with the games (and when I had finished failing miserably), we started pouring out our ideas up onto the white board. We came up with many random, crazy, impossible – in – real – life ideas. We made sure that our story was weird, funny, wacky, impossible – in – real – life  and most off all … RANDOM! We had meerkats, an assassin that killed people with a blunt pencil, lactose – intolerance free cheesecake, Fartenstein ( yes, I spelt that right!!! )  and a twist … sort – of.

We used all kinds of acting! We used puppets, ourselves as the actors, shadow puppetry and lighting effects!

We put on the performance for our families afterwards and you can see a sample of the enthusiastic response in the video below.  My mum and brother enjoyed the show.

100_0024_With Theatre Director

Hannah with theatre director of Argy Barge – Anthony Crowley

Also here is a sample of a production from the workshop.

The Curious Game by Born In A Taxi




The Curious Game - Queen and Knight

The Curious Game – Queen and Knight

The Curious Game - Pawn

The Curious Game – Pawn

The Curious Game Trio

The Curious Game Trio

At the Royal Court, is a Mega – sized ( not cereal – box sized ) chessboard, with us Royal Subjects as the pieces. But, this not a game of moving, taking, and capturing pieces – this is a game of imagination, and copycattering!! There are hardly any rules, except for one: NO YAWNING ALLOWED!

You must not displease the Queen, or else, her “club” will come in search of your behind! You must be willing to take part! The Queen said, and I quote, “… I want FULL PARTICIPATION!” If you win the “curious game”, you will be crowned king/queen over all of … “BigNosePeople Land!” ( or at least, I think that’s what they are called….. )

The Curious Game Trio

The Curious Game Trio

My brother thought  it was  brilliant!! And mum thought the costumes were also fabulous!!

The Curious Game - the Queen and I

The Curious Game – the Queen and I





I went to this on 2nd July 2013 at the Roola Boola Festival run by City of Stonnington, Melbourne.  There are more great performances and kids workshops running through to this Friday 5th July see to book.

 I am also attending the Argy Barge Puppetry workshop at the Festival this Friday – looking forward to it!  Perhaps will see you there! Open-mouthed smile

Also here’s a sample of a performance of The Curious Game from another show:

LITTLE BIG SHOTS Film Festival, Melbourne… The Launch, June 2013


01 Winning film tale-refugee

This  film – TALE OF A REFUGEE- was the winner of this year’s Little Big Shots Film Festival.

They won the Best Child – Made Film award.It was made by eight primary school students from Footscray.  It is about refugees, climate change and deforestation and how politicians argue and the problems are still there.

I think that this movie was good and reflected on current issues. It was a bit funny, and serious at the same time – very creative and clever!

02 Omg-western standoff

OMG! IT’S A WESTERN STANDOFF –  won Best Australian-Made Filma hilarious gun-fight in the Wild West. IT has many of the classic things that you would find in a wild west movie! Just wait till you find out what they were fighting over!  Go see it at Little Big Shots!

This was very funny, and a great movie to watch! And, Fake Moustaches… Ha ha!

03 Weepo

Wepo –  another award winning film! It’s about a little alien called Wepo who runs out of gas for his car in the middle of space. He tries many different methods to get out of trouble and does some really silly things!

This  was my favourite film because of how it ends. He waited and finally… go see it at little big shots to see what happened!



JULIAN – another film seen at the launch about a kid who gets told off for dobbing on a bully by his teacher and principal.  Yet,despite this he keeps persisting that the truth be known.  A fictional story about what Julian Assange (a man who wants truth about important things to be publically known but has gotten in trouble for it) may have been like as a child.

This was a great film – telling us to stand up for what is right.

Pictures from The Little Big Shots Website

Little Big Shots 2013 is running till 10th June in Melbourne, check website Little Big Shots for other locations.

Note: Little Big Shots, which is all about helping make great films for kids and by kids relies largely on donations – if you can help please visit the site and also see this creative video featuring Festival Director – Ben Laden


Also you can sign up for their newsletter to be informed of future film festivals and even enter your own film next time.

Crash, Splat, Bang, Whoosh!


How would you like to be in a


with a narrator that has a funny ol’ voice, Velcro and goo?

This radio play is called “Dad’s Shed” and is about:

Three kids that go into their dad’s shed and go to many different and silly lands in a teleportation machine.

A    RaDiOpLaY is an audio story with clever sound effects to tell the story better.


For you to get a clearer picture of what I am saying, here is my day as part of a RADIOPLAY.

Eh-hem… Introducing:



In summary I did these sound effects in the play:

Teleportation machine going and landing by shaking maracas

Bongo drums- the drums that played while the king was coming

The opening of Jake’s nappy by ripping velcro apart

Vocal animal sounds, Applause and Screaming.

SO, now that you’ve got a brief idea what being in a radio play is like, do you feel like you should have a go?

Because let me just say, this workshop is absolutely worth doing!

Here is a photo of the speakers, props and stations.

(Photo provided by Laura Milke Garner).

To listen to the performance click here

(and click on the SPLAT icon at base then enter password: splat0909)

If you have trouble getting to hear it – please let me know via comments, will try to upload it.

For more info see

Recommended age 9-12yrs.