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Little Big Shots 2013 Film Festival–Best of the Fest and The Next You Tube Sensation Workshop


These are the films I saw with my family at the “Best of the Fest”  film package (June 2013):



Tale of a Refugee


OMG! It’s A Western Standoff!




Yala To the Moon

YALA to the Moon

The Last Summer

The Last Summer



I and M News

I and M News

Kali the Little Vampire

Kali the Little Vampire

Some of these are award winning films and some (Julian, Tale of a Refugee, OMG! It’s A Western Standoff!, Wepo) – are reviewed in my previous post re the Festival Launch.

Many of these were Australian made films.

See the following links for my interview reviews of all of these films:

LBS 2013 Best of the Fest – Interview with Dad

LBS 2013 Best of the Fest – Interview with my brother

LBS 2013 Best of the Fest – Interview with my Mum

LBS 2013 Best of the Fest – Interview with me – Hannah


Pictures from The Little Big Shots Website

I also went to the Next You Tube Sensation Workshop after seeing the films.  I watched some kids performing creative roles and here is a sample of their performance:

Little Big Shots 2013 is running at different venues, check website Little Big Shots for other locations.

Note: Little Big Shots, which is all about helping make great films for kids and by kids relies largely on donations – if you can help please visit the site and also see this creative video featuring Festival Director – Ben Laden

Ben Laden Promo for Little Big Shots Kids Film Festival

Also you can sign up for their newsletter to be informed of future film festivals and even enter your own film next time.


LITTLE BIG SHOTS Film Festival, Melbourne… The Launch, June 2013


01 Winning film tale-refugee

This  film – TALE OF A REFUGEE- was the winner of this year’s Little Big Shots Film Festival.

They won the Best Child – Made Film award.It was made by eight primary school students from Footscray.  It is about refugees, climate change and deforestation and how politicians argue and the problems are still there.

I think that this movie was good and reflected on current issues. It was a bit funny, and serious at the same time – very creative and clever!

02 Omg-western standoff

OMG! IT’S A WESTERN STANDOFF –  won Best Australian-Made Filma hilarious gun-fight in the Wild West. IT has many of the classic things that you would find in a wild west movie! Just wait till you find out what they were fighting over!  Go see it at Little Big Shots!

This was very funny, and a great movie to watch! And, Fake Moustaches… Ha ha!

03 Weepo

Wepo –  another award winning film! It’s about a little alien called Wepo who runs out of gas for his car in the middle of space. He tries many different methods to get out of trouble and does some really silly things!

This  was my favourite film because of how it ends. He waited and finally… go see it at little big shots to see what happened!



JULIAN – another film seen at the launch about a kid who gets told off for dobbing on a bully by his teacher and principal.  Yet,despite this he keeps persisting that the truth be known.  A fictional story about what Julian Assange (a man who wants truth about important things to be publically known but has gotten in trouble for it) may have been like as a child.

This was a great film – telling us to stand up for what is right.

Pictures from The Little Big Shots Website

Little Big Shots 2013 is running till 10th June in Melbourne, check website Little Big Shots for other locations.

Note: Little Big Shots, which is all about helping make great films for kids and by kids relies largely on donations – if you can help please visit the site and also see this creative video featuring Festival Director – Ben Laden


Also you can sign up for their newsletter to be informed of future film festivals and even enter your own film next time.

Using HyperStudio 5: to make a Game


Well I have been busy for the last couple of months

making a game for the VIC, Science Talent Search 2012.

It is called ‘Planet Savers – Climate Change’.

How did I do this you may well ask?

I made this with an amazing piece of multimedia software called HyperStudio 5.

With this I made:

~ clever animations~

Some mini-games including:

~a memory match game~

~ a jigsaw puzzle~

~an I spy game~

~a maze game~


~a quiz~


Most of it was done by just pointing, clicking, drawing and dragging and dropping into an editor.

I didn’t need to learn programming before I used this– it was all behind the scenes.

Text and pictures were easy to add in.

Here are some pics of my artwork created in HyperStudio.

(Some of the clipart used was from Dorling Kindersley Multimedia

Climate Change CD Rom and others from HyperStudio).

Some were my own drawings on the computer and hand drawings.

HyperStudio is great for schoolwork and art or projects of any type.

You can even make green screen videos…

hmmm – perhaps another project for me later down the track.

I would like to also thank my mum and Roger Wagner –

the creator of this program for assisting me with the technical aspects

of the game making and scoring in particular.

HyperStudio Recommended age: 5yrs+.

(Although best for middle school and higher grade kids, younger kids

can do simple things like animations easily).

To find out more about HyperStudio see

You can get a free 30 day trial to test it out. Also if your school has it

– let the Software MacKiev people know before

you buy it to get a special discount on the software.

PS. When the game is available online I will update this post so stay tuned…..


Little Big Shots Film Festival 2012 – Tweenarama


I have done a video review of this  one see below:

(Let me know in comments below if can’t access the video review)

Here are some pictures from the films – from the Little Big Shots website at

The Great Journey




Marcel The SeaShell With Shoes On 2


Colored Pencils


Young Australian “Fetch” Film Director Asher Karahasan and Models

Photos uploaded with permission from Asher.

Fetch – models

I saw the Tweenarama Package 6 on Saturday 9th June 2012.

Overall I thought it was outstanding!

Recommended age:  8-12yrs.

Little Big Shots 2011


Little Big Shots I went to on 12th of June 2011 was a collection of ten short films for children from Australia and around the world. This was hosted by ACMI and ArtPlay.

This is about a load of mice having a party at the mill, and one young mouse longing to sneak into the party and have some fun! This film was from France. I liked this one. I thought it was a really clever idea.

This movie was a clay stop motion. The makers of this film sure must have done a lot of work here. This was my favourite movie. It shows a moral, that you should like who you are, no matter what!

Jilian Dillon -a cross between a hippo, and a platypus -so Jillian Dillon is called a hippoplatypus. Other animals make fun of the hippoplatypus. This one was creative too. They all are! This one also shows a moral. Don’t exclude people just because of the way they look. This film was also a sing-song.

A young boy is looking out of a window, trying to spot Little Man Dreamsy. Little Man Dreamsy is a little man who travels in a little flying contraption, from the moon. His job is to make all the little children and parents, grandparents, pets and so on and so forth, have wonderful dreams about the things they love.

This Little Big Shots film is about two best friends. The boy, Toby, is blind. Lucy tells us about Toby, and how he is able to see in a different way as a blind person. I think it’s a smart idea, teaching people to learn about people, not just to watch fun movies. But of course you’re allowed to watch fun movies!

Jazz Legend B.B King has got the blues because he has lost one shoe. He looks everywhere where his shoe could possibly be, and the places it certainly couldn’t be in. So then he thinks he should check himself out for some answers…I liked this one because of the music.

A group of friends, friendly creatures, meet up with each other and make some wonderful treats called “crepes”. Sounds delicious! This animation is made in Spain.

It is Splat the Cat’s first day of school, but Splat doesn’t want to go to school. His mum finally gets Splat into his class, struggling to get Splat to stop clinging onto her dress. Splat took his best friend, a mouse to school in his lunch box. Splat’s friend gets out of the box and the other cats see him and all the cats except for Splat keep chasing the poor mouse around the classroom. But it has a surprising ending which you will have to see for yourself! This was my brother’s favourite film out of the lot.

When a young girl’s prize possession gets stuck in a tree, she needs someone to get that toy, from that tall tree, and fetch it down for her. But who will fetch her possession for her? This wasn’t very amusing, but I still liked it. I liked her unique dancing.

Wizard Still embarks on a journey throughout a haunted house, when a loose paper, and how mysterious that paper was, lands in the wizard’s hands. This film was made with LEGO construction bricks and figures. It was also produced here in Australia, and was made by kids, under the age of ten years old. These kids did a really great job, and I liked the storyline.

Those are a group of ten short films worth seeing. Pictures are a collage of the films from images taken from the website of Little Big Shots.

Also we went to the ACMI Club afterwards and entered a colouring competition to see the film/stage play of The Gruffalo’s Child and here are our entries below:

My entry

My brother’s entry