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Little Big Shots Film Festival 2012 – Tweenarama


I have done a video review of this  one see below:

(Let me know in comments below if can’t access the video review)

Here are some pictures from the films – from the Little Big Shots website at www.littlebigshots.com.au

The Great Journey




Marcel The SeaShell With Shoes On 2


Colored Pencils


Young Australian “Fetch” Film Director Asher Karahasan and Models

Photos uploaded with permission from Asher.

Fetch – models

I saw the Tweenarama Package 6 on Saturday 9th June 2012.

Overall I thought it was outstanding!

Recommended age:  8-12yrs.



This was run by Little Big Shots artists Ben Landau and Ben Goodes at ArtPlay.

I went to this workshop with Josh, my brother on 12th June 2011. Other children also attended with us.

We did a stop motion film where we got to plan the story ourselves, and we got to choose our characters to play. Also we chose our own costumes from what was set out for us. Josh was a villainous shark, I and two other girls were mermaids and two other boys were eels. While we were doing the story, photographs were taken from above to create the film while we were asked to keep still every few secs.

It was enjoyable but I did find it a little difficult to keep perfectly still.

Recommended age: 5 – 12yrs (have to be able to follow directions fairly well and keep still when asked).

The “villainous” shark –trying to be scary.

Below is a link to a you tube video by the artists in which my brother and I appear – somewhere…see if you can find us 🙂