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The Cook And The Woodcutter


In this workshop, I went to at ArtPlay on the 3rd July 2011 with my family, I learnt how to make scones, and how to cook them on a wood fired stove. We were taught by Trevor Flinn who is a cook, a visual artist, a woodcutter, and a Dunkeld CFA member.

We used a few simple ingredients such as: SR Flour, dried fruits, sugar, milk and butter. We also learned how to boil a kettle on an open fire, that I made with a team of other kids, using bricks, newspaper, wood/sticks and matches.

Trevor also showed us how to chop wood with an axe.

Finally –after all our hard work (sigh) we settled at a table, and enjoyed our scones with a nice cup of tea (ahh…) and our families joined in.

Recommended age: 9-13 yrs and their families

Here are some pictures:

The open stove I made with my team

Mmm, mmm!

There is also a great cookbook you can purchase from Trevor called "The Cook's Book" with lovely wood-fired recipes (can be made on ordinary stove too) where all proceeds from the sale of these go towards the new Dunkeld Community Centre to help the bush fire victims of this town.

The Cook and the Woodcutter is part of the ‘Illuminated By Fire’ festival – a project about the places we care about and the story and role of fire within those places. Working across Victoria, the project aims to share stories, increase understanding and create astonishing art. To read more, go to www.rav.net.au/storyboard.