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It’s Not Circus It’s Science


I saw this with my brother Josh and mum at the Northcote Kids Festival on the 28th September 2011. It was a kid’s theatre show put on by the duo Barnard and Wild of Teacup Tumble Theatre.

The play was about a very distinguished scientist-Professor Barnard, and a very clumsy scientist-Professor Wild. It is a play with acrobatics, lots of clowning around, whips and brain science. Professor Wild is the wildest scientist I have ever, ever, ever, ever encountered! However Professor Barnard is one of the stereotypical scientists – serious and smart. They try to work together on their experiments but their methods clash. The show was a real explosion of characters! There was also a sub-character- The Battery!!!

My favourite part was when mum and I got to go up on stage, to prove their scientific hypothesis that you ‘learn something better when it is harder to read’. I held up a sheet of paper with a lot of big scientific words on it and moved it around while mum had to read it like an acrobat standing on the professors’ thighs. Mum said she had fun being an acrobat but reading the words was not that hard, just confusing.

Interview with Josh (my brother):

Q. What did you think of the show?

A. It was funny, it was interesting and it was scary.

Q. Why was it scary?

A. Because of the whips- they were very loud!

Q .Which was your favourite scientist?

A. Professor Wild.

Q. Why was she your favourite?

A. Because she was funny- very funny.

Q. Would you have wanted to go on stage like I did?

A. No.

Q. Why?

A. Because I would feel scared.

Q. What part of the scientists’ outfits were your favourite?

A. That is a weird question.

Q. Well?

A. I’d have to say the glasses.

We all really enjoyed the show and hope maybe they get to do this show at Scienceworks and ArtPlay sometime so many others can see it too.

Recommended age: 5yrs+

From left to right: The Professors Barnard and Wild

The "wild" Professor Wild.

Above pictures provided by Professor A.Wild.

For more info see Teacup Tumble Theatre.

My artwork inspired by the show – created in Kid Pix Deluxe 4:

Crazy scientists in their lab


Circus Oz – Steam Powered


I went to see this with my mum on the 24th June 2011.

As stated above in my Clown picture this is what I thought of it:

Creative People

Amazing Music – Live Band.

Lots of Laughs – Hilarious

Amazing Stunts

Superb Outfits

Exciting Theme

Also here is my interview with mum:

(What a grown up thought of it)

Q. What was your favourite act?

A. There were 3 main ones: Fantasia Fitness- Very funny. The Hoola Hoop Girl – Collected several hoops in a spooky story theme. The Ring Lady’s finale – in a giant dress with a spectacular finish.

Q. Did you have a favourite star?

A. Fantasia – great acrobat and comedian. In fact the whole cast was hilarious but Fantasia stood out as a really funny character.

Q. What else was great about this particular Circus?

A. The live band and singing – the Ring/Leading lady (boss) had a most amazing voice like an opera singer. A lot of things were done in a very humorous style in an Aussie way. Even some grown up humour thrown in. Sure to please a wide age range and audience.

Here are some pics:

Some of the people from Circus Oz Steam Powered

Fantasia – she was so funny in her Fantasia Fitness Act! Must See! 🙂

You Tube trailer:

Recommended for all ages.

Circus Oz tours around the country – see their web site for more performance dates.