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The Tangled Web


A Polyglot Production. 

I attended this on 14th March 2011 at ArtPlay.

This is the tangled web.

What you do is get a ball of elastic and tie it to another piece up already, then just go walking through the web with the ball in your hands.

I really liked it.  My ankle got tangled several times but my brother got his whole body tangled in it!

Rescuing Josh from the hungry spiders (my poem) – No spiders actually were there on the day!

Even Spiderman couldn’t make his way through

So it’s up to me, to rescue Joshua

Cause he’s my brother

Using my flexibility, I can reach him

Now just have to pull him out

Great! I rescued him.

Recommended age:  5-12yrs.

Here are some photos of my brother Josh and I in the tangled web:

As you can see we got very tangled in the web!

Here is a video clip of us in the web:


Hello Everyone!


050111_0827_TapeIt4.jpgHere is my Art Blog!

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Will be adding some more ArtPlay reviews to this when I attend events/activities.  Check back later.

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