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Art I have personally made either at school, home or at events I have been to. Also art I have contributed to.

Softie Animal Friends


I went to this workshop on 2Oth January 2012 at ArtPlay, run by author and crafter, Katie Evans.

I made a bumble bee for my brother Josh like this:

  1. Take your desired , 2 pieces for front and back.
  2. . Draw up your

3 , and then

– both pieces of fabric.

4. Now and sew,

and make sure there’s room for a

5. Now, fill up the shape with

like cotton wool, and sew up the hole!

6.. Time to reach for more of that fabric,

and cut of bits of fabric to form      features

on your animal, and use


to attach your pieces to your creature.

VIola!And there you have it! Your own softie animal friend!

Recommended age: 9-12yrs

Here are some piccies:

Here I am working hard!

The group’s wonderful creations

Josh loves his bumble-bee.

Art Play Big Draw


I went to this with my family on the 11th September 2011.

This was the seventh annual ART PLAY BIG DRAW.

We had to use ‘rule base drawings’ – rules like game rules – where you need to learn the rules of the game in order to take part. Easy and simple directions were given for various activities.

Some of the things I took part in with my family were:

Projector Drawing

You have to stand in front of a projector, and someone else traces over your shadow.

Here my dad is tracing my brother’s shadow.

Electrical Tape Drawing

This was my favourite activity. All you have to do is draw anything you like using only tape.

This is my tape robot.

Basic shape draw

Just draw things using basic shapes.

I have drawn a caterpillar’s face.

3D type drawing

This one was a little hard. You have to make a picture look 3D by shading it in certain places. It was fun, even though I found it challenging.

Overall the activities were fun and creative.

Recommended age: 3-12yrs.

Crazy Scientists in their Lab


I created this using Kid Pix Deluxe 4. I chose and inserted the background from the program, then I drew in the characters and props using a mouse.

It took me a fair bit of time to complete, because I had to find the right tools. On the stone desk, there is a battery, which was their project. There are notes that the scientists have taken on the battery as well.

I was inspired to do this by the show “It’s Not Circus, It’s Science” which you can read about in my ‘Theatre’ category posts.


Caravan Dreaming


I attended this workshop at ArtPlay on 7th August 2011, run by Sue Degennaro. The task was to make our own mini caravan from Balsa wood and match sticks, using the instructions that Sue gave us. It was actually quite a difficult task to complete, as my mum helped me to glue all the parts together to construct the caravan’s structure. You need a fair amount of patience as you have to wait for the glue to set before you can attach other parts to finish it.

After making the caravan, we used recycled material we brought to add on other features along with provided paper patterns to make our caravans unique. The decorating was the most fun part for me! I added a map type paper and a bottle lid. Then we added a varnish to the caravans to make them look a bit more authentic.

Then a group of us went out into the city, getting photos of our caravans in our own chosen locations, that we thought would be a good place to holiday in a caravan. I chose a pretty weird spot, spiral art structure on a building, to place mine in. We then walked all the way up to Craft Victoria – a craft shop where our caravans were to go on display.

Our caravans will be on display at Craft Victoria for a month of nightly exhibition from 31st October to 27th November 2011 – do go check them out!

I recommend this workshop for kids aged 9-13yrs with parental help.

Here are some pictures:

My caravan.

My caravan's holiday spot.

Other caravans.

Me and my caravan.

Also Sue has a blog about this project at – where you can view more caravans made and leave a comment if you like.


Easter 2011 Art


The Empty Tomb – Easter Art.

I did this at school with the help of my art teacher Mrs. Clough. I used mainly watercolour paint on a wooden plaque.

The text around the edge says: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so whoever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have eternal life.”

You can find out more info and historical evidence about what God did for us at – check it out!


The Lion Limerick


Lion in car with policeman looking on bemused

There was a lion from Hive,
Who drove a four-wheeled drive.
He sailed through a light,
Policemen had seen quite a cumbersome sight,
And was fined for the cost of five.

The lion made a friend,
Whose name was Bend.
They hunted in the night,
Ate in the light,
And hid from a cub named Lend.

They hid from the cub,
In a patrol hub.
They sometimes slept there,
But the cub would find them and with his hair…
Tickled them and caused a huge hubbub.

the end!

Story and art work by Hannah Knight.


(No) Snow Globes!


As the title suggests – making snow globes without the snow.

It was really fun!   We came with a small wide jar, and we stuck a base material like foam on the inside of the lid and then we made a scene.

We used foam, paper and plastic items. The parents used a hot glue gun to stick all the bits and pieces to the base.

Then we filled the jar with water and added a small amount of glitter of a colour we liked (but not too much or it would clump together).

Then when the jar was shaken we saw the glitter all about inside like it was snowing over our scene.

I took part in this Christmas workshop with my brother Joshua at ArtPlay on the 11th December 2010.

Recommended age: 2-8yrs.

Here are some pictures of us at the workshop:

Mine is the Santa ‘skating on thin ice’ – Trouble!

Now some interesting and important facts:

Santa is based on a real historical person – Saint Nicholas – a priest from 280 AD who helped people and gave gifts, especially to the poor.

Santa is fun but the real meaning of Christmas is to do with Jesus – who is the saviour of our world.  You can find out more about this historical person and evidence at: – do check it out!