Crash, Splat, Bang, Whoosh!


How would you like to be in a


with a narrator that has a funny ol’ voice, Velcro and goo?

This radio play is called “Dad’s Shed” and is about:

Three kids that go into their dad’s shed and go to many different and silly lands in a teleportation machine.

A    RaDiOpLaY is an audio story with clever sound effects to tell the story better.


For you to get a clearer picture of what I am saying, here is my day as part of a RADIOPLAY.

Eh-hem… Introducing:



In summary I did these sound effects in the play:

Teleportation machine going and landing by shaking maracas

Bongo drums- the drums that played while the king was coming

The opening of Jake’s nappy by ripping velcro apart

Vocal animal sounds, Applause and Screaming.

SO, now that you’ve got a brief idea what being in a radio play is like, do you feel like you should have a go?

Because let me just say, this workshop is absolutely worth doing!

Here is a photo of the speakers, props and stations.

(Photo provided by Laura Milke Garner).

To listen to the performance click here

(and click on the SPLAT icon at base then enter password: splat0909)

If you have trouble getting to hear it – please let me know via comments, will try to upload it.

For more info see

Recommended age 9-12yrs.

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