Little Big Shots Film Festival 2012 – Tweenarama


I have done a video review of this  one see below:

(Let me know in comments below if can’t access the video review)

Here are some pictures from the films – from the Little Big Shots website at

The Great Journey




Marcel The SeaShell With Shoes On 2


Colored Pencils


Young Australian “Fetch” Film Director Asher Karahasan and Models

Photos uploaded with permission from Asher.

Fetch – models

I saw the Tweenarama Package 6 on Saturday 9th June 2012.

Overall I thought it was outstanding!

Recommended age:  8-12yrs.

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  1. Hi Hannah!
    The blogs are going fantastically!
    You’ve made a great start with the movies, cool clips! Do you think you could give Starchaser a nice, sweet review?
    Here are some starting words:

    My favourite part:

    It was so funny when:

    I give this show /10

    Thanks for the time!


  2. Hi Hannah,

    I’m the Festival Director from Little Big Shots. We absolutely love your video review and would very much like to ask you to be part of our children’s jury for the 2013 festival. Contact me (or ask your mum or dad to) on the email or phone below if you’d like to be involved.


    Ben Laden
    Festival Director
    Little Big Shots
    (03) 9426 5927

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