The Art Of The Brick


The Art Of The Brick

I went with my family to this exhibition of Lego Art on the 24th of September 2011. It was by Nathan Sawaya – former lawyer turned Lego Artist.

We saw some impressive sculptures and portraits made of Lego bricks. Quite a few of these were based on “The Thinker” sculpture originally made by the artist Auguste Rodin – showing a man deep in thought. Other sculptures included fruit, weather, animals and people. One interesting sculpture was of a man falling off the edge of a building.

There was also a fabulous Lego construction of the City of Melbourne done by the Melbourne Lego User Group (MUG) – featuring some well known landmarks.

After we saw the gallery of Nathan’s Lego art we were inspired to do some Lego art ourselves downstairs.

Here are some pics:

Melbourne Lego User Group – City of Melbourne Sculpture

Melbourne Lego User Group – Flinders St Station

My favourite one was this globe.

My brother Josh – as a Lego Ninjago. "Why did you put your hand in there Josh?"^^

Mum's version of "The Thinker". Very colourful!

Dad's version of "The Thinker". He must be working out while thinking – so like Dad!

Mum's Lego Landscape "3 Tree Island".

Joshua's Donut Tower.

This exhibition is touring around the world. You can see more of Nathan’s work at

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